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Curriculum vitae

Current job position

New Bulgarian University, Informatics Department
Associate Professor


Bulgarian: mother tongue
English: spoken fluent, written advanced
Russian: spoken intermediate, written intermediate


[2010] Ph.D. in Computer Science, Higher Attestation Commission, Specialized Scientific Council of Informatics and Mathematical Modeling, "Recognition of Neume Writing in Historical Documents"
[2009] Ph.D. in Computer Science, New Bulgarian University, program Theoretical Informatics
[2005] M.s. in Computer Science, New Bulgarian University, program Software Technologies in Internet

Job experience

[2012–2016] New Bulgarian University, Informatics Department, Chief assistant professor
[2010–2011] New Bulgarian University, Informatics Department, Assistant professor
[2011–2011] Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Operation Research Department, Assistant researcher
[2007–2011] Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at BAS, Humanities Informatics Department, mathematician
[2009–2011] New Bulgarian University, part-time lecturer
[2008–2009] Institute of Information Technologies at BAS, Pattern Recognition and Biometrics Department, programmer
[2005–2007] Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at BAS, Digitalization of Scientific Heritage Department, programmer
[2005–2008] New Bulgarian University, Informatics Department, Ph.D. student

Teaching experience

New Bulgarian University:

Programming languages and frameworks, technical computing, document markup languages

List of publications


  1. Laskov, L., "Progrmming in C++, Examples and Solutions, Part One: From Procedural Towards Object-Oriented Paradigm", New Bulgarian University, ISBN 978-954-535-903-3, (2016). [BibTeX]

Journal papers

  1. Marinvov, M., L. Laskov, "Computer programming in mathematics education", Mathematics and Informatics, Journal of Education Research, Az Buki National Publishing House for Education and Science 62, Number 4, (2019), pp.444-458. [pdf] [BibTeX]
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Conference papers

  1. Marinov, M., L. Laskov, "The Travelling Salesman Problem with the Symbolic Computational System Mathematica", In:Proceedings of the Fourty-seven Spring Conference of the Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians, Borovetz, April 2-6, pp.147--157, 2018. [pdf] [BibTeX]
  2. Borisova, A., V. Hambaryan and L. Laskov, "Bayesian Probability Theory in Astronomy: Looking for Stellar Activity Cycles in Photometric Data-Series", In: Proceedings of the VII Bulgarian-Serbian Astronomical Conference (VII BSAC), pp.107-123, 2012. [pdf] [BibTeX]
  3. Laskov, L., "Document Line Segmentation Based on Wavelet Transform", In: Proceedings of 7th Annual International Conference on Computer Science and Education in Computer Science, ISSN 1313-8624, July 6-10 2011, Sofia/Dobrinishte, Bulgaria, pp.267-276. [pdf] [BibTeX]
  4. Laskov, L., "A Linear Approximation Scheme for Planar Closed Contours with 2n Number of Equally Spaced Points", In: Proceedings of 6th Annual International Conference on Computer Science and Education in Computer Science, ISBN978-954-535-573-8, June 26-29, 2010, Fulda/Munich, Germany, pp.144-150. [pdf] [BibTeX]
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Image processing and recognition kit 1D signal wavelet analysis


[2012] Training IT specialaists in the Economy of Knowledge, BG051PO001-3.1.07-0072, participant
[2012] New methods for competency assignment in e-learning environments, ДФНИ-И01/10, project coordinator for NBU
[2012] Monitoring and prevention of ecological disasters by georadar researches on river and dam embankment constructions, ДФНИ-М01/9, participant
[2009–2012] Information technologies for presentation of Bulgarian folk songs with music, notes and text in a digital library [link]
[2009–2012] Astroinformatics: signal processing and analysis of digitized astronomical data and WEB-based implementation, DO-02-275/2009 [link]


New Bulgarian University — Informatics Department [link]
eLearning in New Bulgarian University [link]


Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido, Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo — "Iaido Club Sofia" [link]
Takemusu Aiki — "Takemusu Aiki Bulgaria" [link]


Lasko Marinov Laskov
New Bulgarian University, Informatics Department
21 Montevideo Str., 1618 Sofia, Bulgaria
Office: (+359) 2 811 0610
E-mail: llaskov(at)

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