Nikolay Kirov

Research interests

[2004] N. Kirov, M. Krastanov, Skiba points for optimal investment strategies, Annual review session of section Operations Research, IMI, BAS and Seminar in Informatics, Department of Informatics, NBU, 14.12.2004 [Paper postscript]

[2003] Optimal control - a control system
N. Kirov, M. Krastanov, Higher order approximations of affinely controlled nonlinear systems,  Large-Scale Scientific Computing, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, LNCS Vol. 2907. (Proc. 4th International Conference on "Large-Scale Scientific Computations", June 4-8, 2003, Sozopol, Bulgaria). [Paper postscript]

[1998] Mesh generators and finite element solvers

[1994] Approximation of plane convex compacta by polygons - Bibliography
P. Kenderov, N. Kirov, A Dynamical System Approach to the Polygonal Approximation of Plane Convex Compacts, J. Approx. Theory 74, No 1, (1993) 1-15. [ Abstract | Paper postscript | Paper DVI+PCX ]