Nikolay Kirov
Research interests
Mesh generators and finite element solvers

Unstructured mesh generators and a finite element solver

Dr Nikolay Kirov
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia

This work was supported by VW-Project "`Iterative Techniques for Convection-Diffusion Problems on locally refined meshes''

Abstract. A brief overview of triangle and tetrahedral meshing algorithms is presented. Also included some comments about smoothing, clean-up and refinement procedures. Short descriptions of 2D and 3D mesh generation codes, Triangle and QMG, are given. We use the streamline-diffusion finite element method for solving convection diffusion boundary valued problems on triangle and tetrahedral meshes. An implementation with piecewise linear trial functions in MATLAB environment is presented. Two types of numerical results illustrate the mesh generators and the finite element solver - boundary layers on the unite square and unite cube, and a complicated geometry domain in 3D.

1. Automatic unstructured mesh generation:
 - Triangle and tetrahedral meshing;
 - The mesh quality;
 - Mesh post-processing;
 - Refinement.

2. Triangle - 2D quality mesh generator.

3.  QMG - 3D mesh generator.

4. Finite element solver.

5. Problems solving:
 - 2D boundary layers problems;
 - 3D problems.

6. Bibliography