Ethical requirements

Manuscripts submitted as research papers are expected to be new and original. The invited survey articles present from a unique point of view results which are already published. They should show the progress of current research and suggests a next step or steps in solving the problems in the field. The submitted manuscripts should be not published previously and not under consideration for publication in any other journal or book. Authors should not submit articles describing essentially the same results as in other of their publications to more than one journal. The corresponding author should ensure that there is a full consensus of all co-authors concerning the final form of the paper and its submission to the journal. If the authors use the work or the word of others they should properly acknowledged. Plagiarism in any form is considered as extremely unethical and is not acceptable.

All the papers submitted to Serdica Mathematical Journal are sent to one or more anonymous referees who are experts in the specific areas for evaluation and selected by the member of the Editorial Board responsible for the paper. The Editorial Board does its best to avoid any possibility for conflicts of interest in the selection of the referees.

The members of the Editorial Board and the referees guarantee that they cannot use the submitted manuscripts for any purposes different from the decision whether to accept for publishing or reject the submission. The reproduction or distribution of the manuscripts in any form or medium or providing them to any third party is prohibited.

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