Articles in press

Articles in press

Shchukin, M. On n-homogeneous C*-algebras over two-dimensional non-oriented compact manifolds

Johnson, S., A. Shaheen, G. Subuyuj. The isoperimetric number of a generalized Paley graph

Kolev, E. Deletion-correcting codes and dominant vectors

Baghdad, A., M. K. Chraibi, M. T. Loumi. Centre de masse et nouvelles inégalités pour la norme et le rayon numérique d'un opérateur linéaire borné

Argyros, I. K., S. George. Extending the applicability of Newton-secant methods for functions with values in a cone

Ganchev, G., K. Kanchev, O. Kassabov. Transition to canonical principal parameters on maximal spacelike surfaces in Minkowski space

Hayssam, E. Overdetermined strata for degree 6 hyperbolic polynomials

Vladeva, D. I. Derivations in finite endomorphism semirings

Kurdachenko, L. A., I. Ya. Subbotin. A note on residuals in groups with quasicentral abelian normal subgroups

Fonseca, L. F. G. On Z2-graded polynomial identities of sl2(F) over a finite field

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