Instructions for Authors

Languages. Papers may be written in English, French or German.

Submission of manuscripts. Preferably, manuscripts should be sent (by e-mail as PDF files) directly to a member of the Editorial Board whose field of interest is judged to be the closest to the subject of the paper. In case of hesitation the authors are encouraged to consult the Editorial Office at the e-mail address given below. Manuscripts may be also submitted to the e-mail of the Editorial Office. The acceptance for publication will be based on a positive recommendation by a member of the Editorial Board. Upon acceptance papers prepared by TeX, LaTeX, or another software should be sent by e-mail to: PDF-copy must be sent as well.

Preparation of manuscripts. Before having a paper typed for submission, the author should pay attention to the following important recommendations:
Proofs. The galley proofs are sent usually by e-mail, to the specified address for correspondence. For corrections (in the galley proofs) which exceed 10% of the text, the authors will be charged.
Reprints. 50 reprints free of charge will be provided for each article. Additionally, each author will receive a personal copy of the issue with the paper.
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