International Symposium “Geometric Function Theory and Applications’2010”
27 – 31 August 2010, Sofia – Bulgaria

Organized by:
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IMI–BAS)
Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics – Technical University Sofia (TU)

  The International Symposium “Geometric Function Theory and Applications’2010” comes as a continuation of a series of the other annual international “GFTA” symposia (the first two of them with similar but different names), in the following countries:

Canada (2005), Romania (2006), Turkey (GFTA’2007),
Malaysia (GFTA’2008,,
Romania (GFTA’2009,,

These symposia have been initiated and organized by Prof. S. Owa – Kinki Univ., Japan, with the kind support of  Mr. Hisayoshi Nishiwaki - Slow Mathematics Inc. (Japan) and         by international co-organizing institutions: as Kinki University (Japan), Romanian-Japanese and Romanian-Malaysian Mathematical Research Centers, some universities from Turkey, Romania, Malaysia, S. Arabia, Iran, etc.

The very first international conference in the GFTA series, held at the University of Victoria in Canada on 22-27 August 2005, was dedicated to Prof. H.M. Srivastava on the occasion of his 65th birth anniversary. Its Proc. appeared in a Special Issue of the Elsevier journal "Applied Mathematics and Computation", Vol. 187, No. 1, 2007. Two of several forthcoming international conferences on much wider disciplines and coverage in the mathematical sciences, in honor of Prof. H. M. Srivastava on the occasion of his 70th birth anniversary, will be held: at Bursa (Turkey) on 18-22 August 2010, and at Bolu (Turkey) on 22-27 November 2010,

This  year’s symposium “GFTA’2010” is also a part (5th) of the international meetings “Transform Methods and Special Functions” (TMSF) organized periodically in Bulgaria: 1994 (Sofia), 1996 (Varna), 1999 (Blagoevgrad), 2003 (Borovets), See details at: .

Related meeting (!), 16 – 25 August, 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey:


Graduate Summer School "Geometric Function Theory",

Time: 16-25 Aug. 2010; Place: Istanbul Kultur University,