Seminar of Algebra and Logic
Department of Algebra and Logic, IMI/BAS

Usual time: Fridays, 1 pm. Usual location: room 578, IMI/BAS



Upcoming meetings

September 28


Peter Danchev
The strongly invariant extending property for abelian groups

Past meetings

June 08


Dara Phusanga (Maejo University, Chiang mai, Thailand)
The order of hypersubstitutions for algebraic systems of type ((2);(2))

June 01


Matyas Domokos (Renyi Institute, Budapest)
On the nilpotency index of nil algebras

May 18


Lyubomir Borisov
Enumeration of the elements of a finite field with prescribed trace and co-trace

April 13


Changho Keem (Seoul National University, Korea)
Hilbert scheme of smooth projective algebraic curves and its irreducibility and rigidity

February 16


Veselin Filev
Phase structure of a defect field theory with a domain wall

February 09


Peter Petrov (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Volta Redonda, Brazil)
Zariski Van Kampen type theorems and conjectures

January 26


Peter Danchev
n-Torsion Clean Rings



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Seminar contact person: Elitza Hristova, e-mail: e dot hristova at math dot bas dot bg


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