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Mathematics Bulletin: A journal for educators

Call for Papers

Sent at the request of Yeping Li / Texas A&M University.

Mathematics Bulletin is a prominent refereed journal in China that aims to promote the development and exchange of mathematics education practices and research. It is co-owned by the Chinese Mathematical Society and Beijing Normal University. Since its first issue published in 1936, Mathematics Bulletin has been a popular place for mathematics teachers, educators and researchers alike to discuss and share issues and findings related to mathematics education. The journal has gained the status of "core journal" in the category of school education in China.

With the ever-growing interests in exchanging mathematics education research and practices between mathematics educators in China and overseas, the journal decides to take the historical first step ever to publish articles in English as special issues. The first issue is scheduled to be published around the end of 2009. For this first issue, the following three types of articles are especially welcome.

1. Research papers (open to the use of various methodologies, can be either empirical or theoretical, but prefer to have certain connections with mathematics education policy and practices in China)

Up to 10,000 words including references, tables, figures, and appendix if any.

2. Mathematics education around the world (introductory papers that can focus on specific issues or aspects of mathematics education in various education systems.)

Up to 5,000 words including references, tables, figures, and appendix if any.

3. Short communications (including commentary papers, book reviews, instructional reflections, connecting research and practices, etc.)

Up to 2,000 words including references, etc.

Please follow the American Psychological Association (APA) publication manual (5th edition) for your manuscript preparation, and submit your manuscript to either the journal at shxtb@bnu.edu.cn or Yeping Li, the guest editor of the first special issue, at yepingli@tamu.edu

Deadline for manuscript submission: June 30, 2009.




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