C o n f e r e n c e   on

"PDE Methods in Applied Mathematics and Image Processing" 

September 7-10, 2004
Sunny Beach, Bulgaria 

sponsored by the  Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
within the Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe



    Organized by:

  • Ognyan Kounchev, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Svetozar Margenov, Institute for Parallel Processing, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
    The Conference will be managed by "Lalov Holidays Ltd." and will take place at the famous resort of
    Sunny Beach
      (some 35 km to the north of  the city of Bourgas) in the park hotel "Continental", see some photos: broshure in German, broshure in English and the  photo gallery of Sunny Beach  of Nikola Gruev. The hotel is in southern part of  the Central South of the resort (see the clickable  map Central South of Sunny beach  and the map Sunny beach hotels) some 300 m far from the sea; it has a lobby bar, restaurant, bar-pool, conference hall, internet access; every room has a TV set, minibar, telephone.
  • We have a special offer for the Conference - full board for 58 Euros per day (includes room, meals, buffet with refreshments and coffee all day long, social program). Please refer to the Conference if you need to  make a reservation at the hotel. For those who have registered at the website of the Conference we are automatically making a reservation at the hotel.

    PHOTOS!!! to remind you of the Conference, Black sea, mountain of Vitosha (to some people) and all that. 

    Talks available online (on the server donated by the Humboldt Foundation):

    Igor Anoufriev, University of St.-Petersburg, Russia
    Peter Arbenz, ETH Zürich, Switzerland 

    Gergana Bencheva, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

    Sven Beuchler, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Linz, Austria

    Gabriel Dimitriu, University of Iasi, Romania

    Dimo Dimov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

    Ivan Dimov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

    Heinz-Jürgen Flad, Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics, Leipzig, Germany
    Ivan Georgiev, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

    Krasimir Georgiev, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

    Krastyu Gumnerov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

    Werner Haussmann, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

    Oleg Iliev, Fraunhofer Institute, Kaiserslautern, Germany
    Ferenc Izsak, University of Budapest, Hungary

    Michael Johnson, Kuwait University, Kuwait

    Janos Karatson, University of Budapest, Hungary
    John Klinkhammer, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

    Vadim Korneev, University of St.-Petersburg, Russia
    Ognyan Kounchev, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
    Ana Lazarevska, Technical University of Skopje, Macedonia

    Ivan Lirkov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

    Wolodymyr Madych, University of Connecticut, USA

    Svetozar Margenov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

    Zoran Markov, University of Skopje, Macedonia

    Serge Nicaise, Universite de Valenciennes, France

    Yvan Notay, Free University of Brussels, Belgium

    Valeriy Perminov,  University of Kemerovo, Russia

    Nicolai Petkov, University of Groningen, Holland

    Hermann Render, University of Rioja, Spain
    Bert-Wolfgang Schulze, University of Potsdam, Germany
    Jiri Stary, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech republic

    Konrad Steiner,
    Fraunhofer Institute, Kaiserslautern, Germany

    Nikolai Tarkhanov, University of Potsdam, Germany

    Nenad Teofanov, University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

    Cosmin Nicolae Varlan, University of Iasi, Romania

    Holger Wendland, University of Göttingen, Germany

    Mike Wilson, University of Leeds, UK

    Tomislav Zlatanovksi, University of Skopje, Macedonia

    Zahari Zlatev, National Environ. Res. Institute, Denmark


    Scientific program:   Please find the preliminary program at the site Preliminary Program 

    You can download all abstracts here  ABSTRACTS

    Proceedings will be published by the journal Mathematica Balkanica. Deadline for submissions is November 20, 2004. The earlier we get the submissions the sooner we will have the journal published. 



    The main purpose of the present  Conference is to bring together people interested in Partial Differential Equations and their applications, with a special emphasis on their novel applications in Image Processing
    One of the main purposes ot the conference is to make an active propaganda of the methods of PDEs among specialists in other areas (as Visualization, Computer Aided Geometric Design, Image processing, Visualization and Data representation and compression in Medicine and Astronomy, etc.) where only traditional methods have been used and PDEs have been considered with great suspicion as very high, sophisticated and untouchable matter.

    What concerns the main audience, the emphasis will be on the younger generation of scientists from the region of Southeastern Europe who will be able to learn the new directions from the top specialists in the world. 
    Another important aim of the Conference will be to organize the interaction between people coming from academia and people coming from industry who are interested in the newest developments in science and their implementation. Accordingly the speakers will be asked to make their presentations understandable for unexperienced listeners. 

    The present Conference is meant to continue the tradition established by the Workshop on Multiscale Approximations with similar topics and purpose organized within the Conference on Approximation Theory in June 2002 in Varna, (see  the local mirror Sendov's Conference on Approximation theory), and the   Minisymposium "Optimization, Approximation, and Multiscale Analysis with Applications to Signal and Image Processing"  at the Congress of MASSEE,  September 15-21, 2003, in Borovetz, Bulgaria. 

    Social program:
    We expect to have a rich social program (the visit to the sea coast excluded), in particular a folklore evening in a village. 

    We got a  great deal from "Lalov Holidays Ltd."  for the spouses of the participants - 18 Euros per day, which includes hotel, meals, social program, and drinks. 

    Please note: Monday, September 6 is a holiday in Bulgaria.

    Please note: No abstracts will be distributed during the conference but only the program. The abstracts will be only displayed on a board during the conference. So please print the abstracts at home if you wish to have them at hand during the conference.

    Conference fee:
    The regular conference fee is 100 Euro and 30 Euro for Ph.D. students and postdocs. 

    We have arranged the abstract submission in Atlas Conferences Inc.  Please submit your abstracts at   http://atlas-conferences.com/cgi-bin/abstract/submit/caol-01    and view the abstracts submitted at  http://atlas-conferences.com/cgi-bin/abstract/caol-01
    Please note that the deadline of submissions is July 31, 2004.

    Accommodation and Registration:
    Please register using the webform  http://sclion.bas.bg/Sunny/register.html  or in case you cannot do that - e-mail us or use other conventional communication to tell us about your registration details. 

    Please note that 1 Euro is changed for about 1.94 Bulgarian leva (BGN) (at the airport the rate is substantially worse), and 1 USD - for about 1.??  Bulgarian leva (BGN)  (for online converting of currency you may use the  The Universal Currency Converter) - but first make sure that the exchange office does not take commission - it has to be written "NO COMMISSION" on the exchange rates desk. In case you doubt - ask for  the amounts to be written down. Look carefully for cheating rates  as  1.194 instead of  1.94.


    Taxi Recommendation: In Sofia use the taxis of  "O' Kay Super Trans, tel. 973 2121" - they have office at the Airport in Sofia and at the Central Terminal Bus Station in Sofia. 

    Transfer from Airport Bourgas to Sunny beachLalov Holidays Ltd. have an offer for a pick up service from the Airport for 30 Euros. Please contact them at  lalov-v@lycos.com  or at telephones ++359 2 988 4198; ++359 2 980 8592; ++359 2 980 8424     (please note:  the international telephone code of Bulgaria is  359 and of Sofia is  359 2  ) 

    Please note that we have changed: Arrival day is Monday, September 6, departure day is Saturday, September 11.

    Directions. The main point you have to reach by airplane is Bourgas (sometimes written as Burgas). From the airport in Bourgas you may come to the conference site by bus at a minimal price. 
    If you find a better flight to Varna (which is about 65 km north from Sunny beach on the Black sea, see the map in  http://www.bulgaria.com/, you have to find a transportation to Sunny beach - the best is to use a bus (the Terminal bus station is close to the Main Railway station) going to Bourgas - then it passes through Sunny beach and stops there). 
    In case you have found a better flight to Sofia, be informed that we are organizing a bus on Monday September 6, which will go directly to the conference site (the trip takes about 5 hours). It will depart from Sofia at  4 pm from the campus of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, from hotel "Kedar" (where many of the participants will be accommodated; it has a telephone number  ++359-2-710009) which is near the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics. We will  collect all participants coming on the afternoon. From the Airport you may come by taxi at price no more than  6 leva=3 Euros, the trip takes less than 10 min. The bus will start from hotel Pliska at about 15:30 (and our secretary  Silvia will contact those living in Pliska and show them to the bus) and then it will be at 16:00 at hotel Kedar, where the majority of the participants are expected.

    In case it happens that you miss the bus or come too late to Sofia at the Airport   http://www.sofia-airport.bg, there are two possibilities to come to Sunny beach - by bus or by train. The best is to use bus since the train ends in Bourgas, and from there you have to take a bus to Sunny beach. You have to go to the Main Railway Station (pronounced "Tsentralna Gara" in Bulgarian)  in Sofia (it is about 10 km from the Airport) - in front of it the Central Terminal Bus Station (pronounced "Tsentralna Avtogara" in Bulgarian) is located. This is not far from downtown Sofia. From the Airport you may take a public bus or a taxi to reach them. We recommend you to take taxis of the taxi company "O' Kay Super Trans, tel. 973 2121" (dispalayed on the taxis in English as you see it) with telephone number 973 2121 displayed on the taxis as well - they are really cheap and professional network of taxis. You may take these taxis at the Airport - there is a special office. There is a reperesentative of this company in the Luggage Department of the Airport, and you have to approach him, and on  this  picture the big black arrow shows approximately where is his office - it is on the right hand side when you get out of the Luggage Department. There are advertisements about this company in the Luggage Department as well. They take about 0.4 leva per kilometer. 
    In case you do not like this company please do not simply jump in a taxi - first ask about the price to your destination and even ask the driver to write it down! The price per kilometer has to be displayed on the outer window of the taxi!  
    If you come by bus from abroad then be advised that almost all such busses have their terminal near the Main Railway Station. There are also taxis stopping not far from them. 

    In Bourgas again the Main Railway Station and the Central Terminal Bus Station are at the same location. From the last you may take a bus to Sunny beach. If you are coming from Airport Bourgas, then the easiest but far not cheapest way is to take a taxi to Sunny beach which is about 30 km far - it might cost you at least 30 Euros - the best is to ask before you jump into the taxi. A very cheap and safe way is to take the public bus to Bourgas (which is coming every  30 min. and costs about 50 stotinki=25 Eurocents) and it will stop at the Main Railway Station and the Central Terminal Bus Station. There you have to take the bus  to Sunny beach. 

    Going back. We have organized for a bus from Sunny beach which will start at 2pm on Saturday. In case you have to reach your plane from Sofia airport earlier then the best is to take an early bus which starts at 6am  from Sunny beach and arrives in Sofia at about 12h. In case you airplane starts earlier then the best is to arrive on Friday to Sofia. Please tell us to make a reservation for you at hotel Kedar (if we have not done so yet). 

    The following regular bus lines are available in Sunny beach for reaching Sofia; some of them stop at hotel Pliska (which is close to hotel Kedar) where there is an easy transfer to Airport Sofia (with bus line #84): 

    NEGIMA - 05:30h  and  24:00h     
    Avtotransport - 06:10h 
    ETAP - 07:45h, 14:45  and   23:15h
    HOLIDAY - 09:00h, 13:00h  and  22:00h
    VALEYA - 10:00h, 14:00h  and   22:30h
    VITOSHA EXPRESS - 15:30h  and   23:00h
    Balkanturist -  6:00h    

    In September the Black sea enjoys the most noble weather - even if it rains - the sea reservoir balances the temperature - it is never cold. The temperatures are about 26-30 degrees Celsius, see the temperature online in Varna if not available in Bourgas.

    General tourist information:
     Consult e.g. the link http://www.geocities.com/orient_travel/

    You may wish to check the site Sofia Practicalities for additional hints to travel in Sofia. 

    You may find some maps of Sofia at  http://bgmaps.com/ - interactive map, or 
    http://www.ukazatel.com/sofia_map.php?language=en and 


            For contacts and information: 
            Fax: (+3592) 971 36 49; 
            E-mail:  kounchev@math.bas.bg;  margenov@parallel.bas.bg;