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Vol. 4 (1990), Fasc. 1

Mamoru Nunokawa, Shigeyoshi Owa. Sufficient Conditions for Certain Multivalent Functions 3
D. Cirich, Z. Mijajlovich. Topologies on Classes 10
M. Kosiek, M. Zajac. Lebesgue-Type Decompositions of Pairs of Commuting Contractions 16
Lawrence A. Fialkow, Hector Salas. Majorization, Factorization and Systems of Linear Operator Equations 22
M. N. Slavtchova, N. M. Yanev. Convergence in Distribution of Supercritical Bellman-Harris Branching Processes with State-Dependent Immigration 35
Carlos Lizama. On Positive Strongly Continuous Cosine Functions 43
Ognian Trifonov. On the Gaps between Consecutive k-Free Numbers 50
L. Hola, T. Neubrunn. Hausdorff Distance and the Structure of Certain Function Spaces 61
J. Kincses, V. Totik. Theorems and Counterexamples on Contractive Mappings 69
Vesselin Petkov, Tsviatko Rangelov. Leading Singularity of the Scattering Kernel for Moving Obstacles 91

Vol. 4 (1990), Fasc. 2

Peter J. Shopov. Basis for Finite Element Schemes for an Inhomogeneous Fluid 113
Nikolay P. Buyukliev. On the C*-Algebras of Multivariable Wiener-Hopf Operators 129
Krasimir G. Ianakiev. Scattering for Nonlinear Wave Equation with Small Initial Data 139
Sorin Dragomir. On Submanifolds of Sasakian Manifolds 161
Horst Alzer. An Extension of a Result of J. E. Peckarich 170
Georgi E. Karadzhov. Uniform Semi-Classical Asymptotics of the Spectral Function for Schreudinger Operators and Periodic Bicharacteristics 173
Mamoru Nunokawa, Shigeyoshi Owa. On Certain p-Valent Functions Involving Bounded Boundary Rotation 186
Miodrag Zhivkovich. Some Improvements of a Decoding Algorithm for Linear Codes 190
M. Ouannasser. A Remark on the Class A1 (in French) 203

Vol. 4 (1990), Fasc. 3-4

Gabor Czedli. A Note on Lattice Horn Sentences with Three Variables 209
T. Constantinescu. Some Aspects of Nonstationarity. II 211
V. H. Hristov, K. G. Ivanov. Realization of K-Functionals on Subsets and Constrained Approximation 236
Yu. V. Kryakin. On the Theorem of H. Whitney in Spaces Lp, 1≤p≤∞ 258
Swadheenanda Pattanayak, Surendra Kumar Sharma. Fourier-Stieltjes Series Associated with a Process Belonging to the Domain of Attraction of Stable Law 272
A. Konar. Local Structure of a Riemannian Manifold that Admits a Type of Semi-Symmetric Metric Connection 283
H. Mevissen, R. J. Nessel. On the Best Approximation of Riemann Integrable Functions by Trigonometric Polynomials 289
Sandor Csorgo, Rossitza Dodunekova. Infinitely Divisible Laws Partially Attracted to a Poisson Law 300
Mukul Gupta. Some Remarks on a Paper of A. Verma and C. M. Joshi 321
Cao Hui-Zhong, Ku Tung-Hsin. On the Enumeration Function of Multiplicative Partitions 325
Jan Niechwiej. Cosine Functions of Unbounded Operators and Second Order Differential Equations 329
Domingo A. Herrero, Zong Y. Wang. Quasidiagonal Operators in Tridiagonal Algebras 337
Valerie Martel. A Remark on the Class A (in French) 347
Victor Eijkhout, Svetozar Margenov. Preconditioned Iterative Solution of Spline Finite Element Systems 350
G. P. Yanev, N. M. Yanev. Extinction of Controlled Branching Processes in Random Environments 368
Gancho T. Tachev. A Direct Theorem for the Best Algebraic Approximation in Lp[-1,1], (0<p<1) 381
Maxim Iv. Todorov. Existence of Solutions of Linear Vector Semi-Infinite Optimization Problems 390
S. N. Nikolskii. Jackson's Order of Approximation in the Problem of Approximation of Continuous Set-Valued Map 396
Darinka D. Pateva. Most of the One-Parametric Linear Optimization Problems are Regular 401