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Vol. 15 (2001), Fasc. 1-2

P. G. Todorov. On the Hermite Method for the Factorization of Algebraic Polynomials 1
V. T. Videv. Two Curvature Operators in Riemannian and Lorentzian Geometry 7
Ch. Atakut, N. Ispir. The Order of Approximation by Certain Linear Positive Operators 25
P. S. Stanimirovich. Generalizations of the Condition Number 35
I. Brnetich, C. E. M. Pearce, J. Pecharich. On Difference Mappings Associated with Hadmard's Inequality 49
N. A. Soare. On the (g,φ, ξ, η)-Linear Connections 59
M. G. Karatopraklieva. On a Nonlocal Boundary Value Problem For an Equation of Mixed Type with Discontinuous Coefficients 67
R. Semerdjieva. On a Class of Hyperbolic Equations with Order Degeneration 75
T. Stoyanov. Some Extensions of a Problem of Biehler and Hermite 89
I. M. Mihailov, N. P. Ziapkov. Embedding Problems with Galois Groups of Order 16 99
G. P. Paskalev. Smooth and Classical Solution of Non-local Boundary Value Problem for a Class of High Order Partial Differential Equations 109
D. V. Dekov. Finite Complete Rewriting Systems for Semigroups and Groups 125
M. M. Konstantinov, P. Hr. Petkov. Condition an Error Estimates in the Solution of Lyapunov and Riccati Equations 139
G. Pataki. On the Extensions, Refinements and Modifications of Relators 155

Vol. 15 (2001), Fasc. 3-4

D. I. Vladeva. Maximum Likelihood Estimation of k-Dimensional Diffusion-Discrete Model 189
M. Dogan, A. T. Gurkanli. Multipliers of the space Sw (G) 199
R. Radovanovich. Approximation of a Fixed Point of Some Nonself Mappings 213
N. Ozalp, A. Chetinkaya. Expansion Formulas and Kelvin Principle for a Class of Partial Differential Equations 219
D. M. Claudio, H.-J. Dobner. A New Approach for Solving Equations with Interval Coefficients 227
M. Racheva. On Estimating of a Fourth-Order Differential Equations 239
L. Bernal-Gonzalez. A Note on Universal and Non-Universal Invertible Selfmappings 251
P. Danchev. Homogeneous Primary Components in Abelian Group Rings 261
N. Cengiz, A. A. Salimov. Complete Lifts of Derivations of Special Types to the Tensor Bundle 265
S. Kera. One Class of Submanifolds of Permutation Products of Complex Manifolds 275
N. E. Cho, S. Y. Woo, Sh. Owa. Argument Estimates of Certain Meromorphic Functions 285
P. M. Milichich. On the Orthogonal Projection and the Best Approximation of a Vector in a Quasi-Inner Product Space 297
I. A. Parvanova, P. E. Parvanov. Exact Constants in Estimation of the Error of the Quadrature Formulae of Simpson with the Averaged Moduli of Smoothness 303
L. Galue, S. L. Kalla, H. G. Khajah. Generalized Hermite Polynomials of Three Variables and Three Indices 317
P. G. Todorov. Errata, to: "A Representation of a Nonnegative…" 335
S. Markov, M. Krastanov. "MMSC'2001": Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computations 337