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Vol. 17 (2003), Fasc. 1-2

G. Anastassiou. On Gruss Type Multivariate Integral Inequalities 1
A. Aziz, N.A. Rather. Inequalities for the Polar Derivative of a Polynomial with Restricted Zeros 15
N.Kh. Rozov, V.A. Sadovnichii. Mathematical Model of the Distributed Van der Pol Self-oscillator 29
P. Todorov. On the de Branges Weight Functions 39
Y. Q. Yan. On the Nonsquare Constants of L(Φ)[0,+∞) 49
Ge Ying. On C-Mappings Images of Metric Spaces 55
A. I. Iliev. On a Generalization of Chebyshev Method for Simultaneous Extraction of All Roots of Polynomials over an Arbitrary Chebyshev System 63
A. Fabricant, T. Rangelov. Cauchy Problem for Nonlinear Degenerate Parabolic Equation in One Dimension 71
S. Bagh, B. N. Maghapatra. On the Upper Bound of a the Number of Real Roots of Random Algebraic Equation 95
V. S. Grozdanov, S. S. Stoilova. On the b-adic Diaphony of the Roth net and Generalized Zaremba Net . 103
A. Canoglu, B.P. Allahverdiev. Selfadjoint and Dissipative Extensions of a Symmetric Schrodinger Operator 113
V. I. Ivanov. Limit Extremal Problems 121
L.I. Karandjulov, Y.P. Stoyanova. Generalized Initial Value Problem for Singularly Perturbed Systems with Impulse Effects 133
R. Dodunekova, S. Dodunekov. t-Good and t-Proper Linear Error Correcting Codes 147
I. M. Mikhailov. Some Groups of Orders 8 and 16 as Galois Groups over Q 155
Ta Ngoc Tri. The Integral Wavelet Transform in Hs,p(Rn) and Some Its Inverse Formulae 171
J.M.Dimitrova, S.V.Mihovski. On the Semiprimitivity of Crossed Products 179

Vol. 17 (2003), Fasc. 3-4

Inci Gultekin, Huseyin Aydin. On 5-Tuples (a, b, c, r, s) with Property M for Even and Corresponding Polynomials 193
Ivan At. Badev. Isogeodesic and Isochebyshevian Nets in a Three-Dimensional Affinely Connected Space without a Torsion 199
Erdal Karaduman, Huseyin Aydin. On Fibonacci Sequences in Nilpotent Groups 207
Miguel Caldas. SSome Remarks on Weak β-Openness 215
Vsevolod Ivanov Ivanov. Limit Extremal Problems 221
S. Hakkaev, R. Nickolov, Zh. Zhelev. Subscalarity of a Class of Triangular Operator Matricies 231
Michele Campiti, Ioan Rasa. Bernstein-Stancu Operators on the Standard Simplex 239
E. Ibikli. On Approximation by Bernstein-Chlodowsky Polynomials 259
Muharem Avdispahic, Lejla Smajlovic. f-Variation and Barner-Weil Formula 267
Adrijan V. Borisov, Margarita G. Spirova. Measurability of Sets of Pairs of Planes in the Simply Isotropic Space 291
V. S. Grozdanov, S. S. Stoilova. On an Inequality Between the Dyadic Diaphony and the Star-Discrepancy 307
Gergana Bencheva, Svetozar Margenov. Performance Analysis of a Parallel MIC(0) Preconditioning of Rotated Bilinear Nonconforming FEM Systems 319
Irina Georgieva. Reconstruction of Functions from their Radon Projections 337
I. D. Trendafilov. Integral Primary Decomposition of Differential Modules 357
Dan Barbosu. Simultaneous Approximation by Schurer-Stancu Type Operators 365