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Vol. 20 (2006), Fasc. 1

Igor Anufriev, Vadim Korneev. Fast Domain Decomposition Solver for Degenerating PDE of 4th Order in 3D Domain 3
Racho Denchev, Krastyu Gumnerov. Dynamic Stochastic Optimization in Finance 15
Ivan Georgiev, Svetozar Margenov. Element Preconditioning Technique for Rotated Bilinear FEM Elliptic Systems 39
Ana M. Lazarevska. Comparative Analysis of Parameters Obtained while Simulating an Air-Pollution Episode 49
Zoran Markov and Predrag Popovski. Case Studies in Solving the PDF for Particular Fluid Dynamics Problems 63
N. Tarkhanov. Unitary Solutions of Partial Differential Equations 73
N. Teofanov. Convergence of Multiresolution Expansions in the Schwartz Class 101
Zahari Zlatev. Computer Treatment of Partial Differential Equations Arising in Environmental Modelling 113

Vol. 20 (2006), Fasc. 2

V. Popa and M. Telci. Fixed Point Theorems for Mappings Satisfying Implicit Relations on Two Metric Spaces 143
Nurettin Ergun. On Partially Discrete Refinements 153
Luis Bernal-Gonzalez. Interpolation by Tamed Entire Functions 161
Anna Kepczynska. Implicit Difference Functional Inequalities and Applications 167
George A. Anastassiou. Optimal Approximation of Discrete Csiszar ƒ-Divergence 185
Ljubomir B. Ciric. Fixed Point Theorems for Set-Valued Non-Self Mappings on Convex Metric Spaces 207
Michael Jung and Todor D. Todorov. A Study of the Constant in the Strengthened Cauchy Inequality for 3D Elasticity Problems 219
Dimitar K. Dimitrov. Starlike Functions for Approximation by Subordinate Polynomials 239
Fikret Kuyucu. On Subsemigroups of Stone - Cech Compactification for Certain Semigroups 245

Vol. 20 (2006), Fasc. 3-4

Jordanka Mitevska, Marija Kujumdzieva-Nikoloska, Dragan Dimitrovski. Function of "Repeating Values" of the Solutions to the Differential Equation y IV+a(x)y=0 257
Valeriu Popa and Takashi Noiri. Characterizations of C-Quasicontinuous Multifunctions 265
A. N. El-Kassar and H. Y. Chehade. Generalized Group of Units 275
Dragan M. Randjelovic, Igor Z. Milovanovic, Emina I. Milovanovic. Objective Systolic Arrays Functions 287
R. Maleev,B.Zlatanov. Gateaux Differentiable Norms in Musielak-Orlicz Spaces 299
Laurentiu Calmutchi. The Lattice of Compactification of Topological Spaces 315
M. M. Choban and D. N. Afanas. Spaces and Sequences 333
Dan Barbosu. Simultaneous Approximation by Bivariate Schurer-Stancu Type Operators 351
Miloud Assal, Douadi Drihem, Madani Moussai. Boundedness of Some Pseudodifferential Operators on Bessel-Sobolev Space 359
M. Bouchiba and F. Ben Belgacem. Numerical Solution of Monge-Ampere Equation 369
M.R.Adhikari and L.K.Pramanik. The Connectivity of Squares of Box Graphs 379
Tsvetanka Georgieva. Algorithm for Discovering the Distribution Intervals of the Association Rules in OLAP Data Cubes 387
Halit Orhan, Elif Gunesand Yasar Polatoglu. Fekete-Szego Problem for Certain Subclass of Analytic Functions 399