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Vol. 18 (2004), Fasc. 1-2

Pavel G. Todorov. Variational Methods for Certain Analytic Stieltjes Integrals with Probability Measures on [a, b] and Applications 3
Emanouil I. Atanassov. On the Discrepancy of the Halton Sequences 15
A. Aziz, W. M. Shah. Some Properties of Rational Functions with Prescribed Poles and Restricted Zeros 33
Andrey B. Andreev, Milena R. Racheva. Variational Aspects of the Mixed Formulation for Fourth-Order Elliptic Eigenvalue Problems 41
L. Rempulska, Z. Walczak. Modified Szasz-Mirakyan Operators 53
Tsonka Baicheva, Iliya Bouyukliev, Stefan Dodunekov, Wolfgang Willems. On the [10, 5, 6]9 Reed-Solomon and Glynn Codes 67
Tsonka Baicheva, Irina Gancheva. Ternary Cyclic and Negacyclic LUEP Codes of Lengths up to 26 79
Vasile Berinde. Approximation of Fixed Points of Some Nonsel Generalized ?-Contractions 85
Adrijan V. Borisov, Margarita G. Spirova. Measurability of Sets of Pairs of Skew Nonisotropic Straight Lines in the Simply Isotropic Space I 95
Adrijan V. Borisov, Margarita G. Spirova. Measurability of Sets of Pairs of Skew Nonisotropic Straight Lines in the Simply Isotropic Space II 105
Rumen Daskalov, Plamen Hristov. One-Generator Quasi-Cyclic Quaternary Linear Codes and Construction X 115
Rumen Daskalov, Elena Metodieva. New (k, r)-Arcs in PG(2,17) and the Related Optimal Linear Codes 121
Vesselin Dimitrov. On the Strong Davenport Constant of Nonabelian Finite p-Groups 129
Tzanko Donchev. Upper Semicontinuous Functional Differential Inclusions 141
Nelly Maneva. Software Engineering Models and Their Evaluation 149
Peter Milanov, Ivan Trenchev, Nevena Pencheva. Explicit Description of the Set of All Theoretical Genetic Codes 157
Sofiya Ostrovska. On the Limit q-Bernstein Operator 165
Peter R. Popivanov. MInteraction of Singularities to the Solutions of Some Classes of Semilinear Hyperbolic Equations and Systems with One and Two Space Variables 173
Assia P. Rousseva. A Necessary Condition for the Existence of Arcs and Codes 177
Irene Sciriha, Patrick W. Fowler. A Spectral View of Fullerenes 183
Ivailo Shishkov. On a Conjecture of Choban, Gutev and Nedev 193
Vladimir Sotirov. The Leibniz Programme: Calculation in Lieu of Disputation 197
Sinisa Stamatovic. Limit Theorem for High Level A-Upcrossings by ?-Process 205
Svetlana Topalova. STS(21) with Automorphisms of Order 3 with 3 Fixed Points and 7 Fixed Blocks 215

Vol. 18 (2004), Fasc. 3-4

M. Assal, M.M. Nessibi. Bessel-Sobolev Type Spaces 227
G. Boychev. A Tauberian Theorem of Littlewood Type for the Summation by Means of Laguerre Polynomials 235
N. Cakic, Gr. Milovanovic. On Generalized Stirling Numbers and Polynomials 241
M. Canak, L. Stefanovska, L. Protic. On Finite-Integrable p-Analytic Partial Differential Equations 249
G. Chobanov, I. Dimovski. Extension of the Duhamel Principle for Time-Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems 259
I. Dimovski, J. Paneva. Duhamel Representation for a Class of Non-Local Boundary Value Problems 265
I. Dimovski, M. Spiridonova. Computer Implementation of Solutions of BVP for Finite Vibrating Systems 277
S. Gegovska-Zajkova, B. Jovanovic. Two-Dimensional Spectral Problems Containing Delta Distribution or Conjugation Conditions 287
E. Hadzieva, I. Shapkarev. Polynomial as a General Solution of a Linear Differential Equation of Fourth Order 295
B. Ilievski. One Subclass of Generalized Analytic Functions of Third Class 305
Z.J. Jakubowski, A. Lazinska, A. Sibelska. On Some Properties of Complex Harmonic Mappings with a Two-Parameter Coefficient Condition 313
M. Jovanovic, S. Jankovic. L2m-Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of Perturbed Stochastic Integrodifferential Equations 321
S.L. Kalla, Y.Ben Nakhi. A Modified Form of Nonlinear Differential Equations of Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows 335
S. Kempfle, I. Schaefer. Physical Consistency of Fractional 345
A. Kilicman, M.Abu Hassan. A Note on Differential Equations with Distributional Coefficients 355
V. Manova Erakovic. Blaschke Distribution with Respect to Convolution 365
Gr. Milovanovic, M. Stanic. Multiple Orthogonal Polynomials on the Semicircle and Corresponding Quadratures of Gaussian Type 373
Lj. Nastovski. Interpolation in the Class Mp, p>1 389
Z. Odibat, A. Alawneh. Z-function and Solutions of Fractional Differential Equations 397
N. Pandeski. Extension of a Finite Many Numbers to an Interpolating Sequence and Approximation by Blaschke Products 405
B. Piperevski, E. Hadzieva, N. Serafimova, K. Mitkovska-Trendova. On a Class of Differential Equations of Second Order with Polynomial Coefficients" 411
P. Rajkovic, M. Ivkovic, M. Petkovic. A Conjecture about Positivity of the Polynomials Obtained by the Expanding of a Product 419
P. Rusev. Singular Points and Analytic Functions Defined by Series in Legendre Associated Functions 431
K. Saneva, A. Buckovska. Asymptotic Behaviour of the Distributional Wavelet Transform at 0 437
T. Sayah, A. Badih. Effect of Junction on Electromagnetic Waveguide Transmission 443
I.A. Shapkarev, B.M. Piperevski, E.J. Hadzieva. On Some Special General Integrals of a Linear Differential Equation of Second Order 453
A. Shidfar. On Inverse Heat Problems with Two Unknown Terms 461
A. Shidfar, G.R. Karamali. Function Specification Method for Determination of Unknown Term in a Nonlinear Diffusion Equation 467
A. Shidfar, A. Zakeri. Asymptotic Solution for an Inverse Parabolic Problem 475
Lj. Protic, L. Stefanovska, M. Canak. On Some Approximate Methods for Solving Vekua Complex Differential Equation 485