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Vol. 25 (2011), Fasc. 1-2

G. Murugusundaramoorthy. Subclasses of Starlike Functions of Complex Order Involving Generalized Hypergeometric Functions 1
M. Aouf, A. Shamandy, A. Mostafa, S. Madian. On Sandwich Theorem of Analytic Functions Involving Integral Operator 15
P.Parvanov. Weighted Approximation by a Class of Bernstein-Type Operators 31
B. Draganov. On the Approximation by Convolution Operators in Homogeneous Banach Spaces of Periodic Functions 39
V. Valov. External Characterization of I-Favorable Spaces 61
P. Rusev. Zero-Distribution of a Class of Finite Fourrier Transforms 79
E. Perez. Long Time Approximations for Solution of Evolution Equations from Quasimodes: Perturbation Problems 95
N. Maneva, K. Kraichev, K. Manev. Mathematical Models-Based Software Modernization 131
M. Canak, L. Stefanovska, L. Protic. Schwarz Function for Vekua Complex Differential Equation 147
R. Goranova, V. Dimitrov. Using Grid for Mathematical Researches 161
L. Stefanovska, M. Canak, L. Protic. Laplace Vector Fireld for Vekua Differential Equation 169
M. Todorova. Research of the Estimate Calculating Algorithms on One Class of Tables Generated by the Multidimentional Boolean Functions 181
K. Trencevski. Special Relativity Based on the 50(3, C) Structural Group and 3-Dimensional Time 193
N. Tuneski. On a Class of Functions Defined by Takahashi and Nunokawa 203

Vol. 25 (2011), Fasc. 3

C. Dima, C. Enea. Nondeduciblity on Strategies in the Temporal Logic of Knowledge 219
M. Primicerio. An Introduction to the Mathematical Modelling of Geothermal Resources Exploitation 241
V. Wheatley, H. Kumar, R. Jeltsch. Spectral Performance of RKDG Methods 257
N. Dimitrova. Modeling the Production of Genetically Modified Organisms 277
N. Dimitrova, M. Krastanov. Adaptive Asymptotic Stabilization of a Bioprocess Model 293
E. Pancheva, I. Mitov. Approximation of the Risk Process - a Survey 307
A. Slavova, V. Rashkova. A Novel PDE Based Image Denoising Model with Applications in Nanoindustry 317

Vol. 25 (2011), Fasc. 4

E. Elabbasy, Sh. Elzeiny, T. Hassan. Oscillation Theorems Concerning the Non-Linear Dynamic Equation of the Second Order on Time Scales 333
M. Mirmiran. Strong Insertion of a Continuous Finction between Two Comprable α-Continuous ((C)Continuous) Functions 353
M. Hristova, V. Hristov. On the Minimal Commutativity of a General Operator of Differentiation Type 363
G. Cravo. An Algebraic Analysis of Workflows 375
T. Stoyanov. On Schur- Convex Integrals of Non-Negative Functions 385
O. Roeva. Sensitivity Analysis of E. Coli Fed-batch Cultivation Local Models 395
Y. Shang. A Study of Derivations in Prime Near-Rings 413
V. Valov. Another Approach to Parametric Bing and Krasinkiewicz Maps 419
A. Malcheski, V. Manova-Erakovik. A Characterization of n-Seminorm 427
M. Mihova, N. Maksimova. Estimation of Minimal Path Vectors of Multi State Two Terminal Networks with Cycles Control 437
N. Kolev. Bounds on Some Edge Folkinan Numbers 447

Vol. 25 (2011), Fasc. 5

M. Avdispahic, D. Gusic. A weighted prime geodesic theorem 463
G. Bogdanova, K. Stoffel, T. Todorov, N. Noev. 3D modeling of valuable Bulgarian bells and churches 475
G. Bogdanova, T. Todorov, N. Noev. Semantic model of digital resources of Bulgarian bells 483
A. Denic. Application of exact and heuristic methods to magic square problem 491
E. Duvnjakovic, S. Karasuljic. Difference Scheme for Semilinear Reaction-Diffusion Problems on a Mesh of Bakhvalov Type 499
A. Hujdurovic. On tetravalent near-bipartite arc-transitive circulants 505
A. Odzzak. On the H-invariants in the Selberg class 511
S. Piric, Z. Sabanac. Cesaro Summability in Some Orthogonal Systems 519
S. Radovic. An Innovative Approach in Teaching; Mathematics in Elementary and High Schools by Using the Software Package GeoGebra 527
A. Smiljkovic, Z. Stanimirovic, D. Trifunovic. Computer Science and Intelligence: Building the Security database TOC-search 543
P. Stanojevic. A Parallel ¬ranch-and-Bound Algorithm with Restarts for Solving the Hierarchical Covering Location Problem 555
M. Trajkov, A. Smiljkovic. A Survey of Bug Tracking Tools; Presentation, Analysis, and Trends 567
A. Turnina. Semantic-oriented Architectures and Use of Ontology for Organizing Adaptive Search in Ś-learning Environments 577
Z. Udovicic. Numerical Integration Using Cardinal ¬ Splines 593