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Vol. 6 (1992), Fasc. 1

M. Stojanovich. Uniform Finite Elements Method for Singular Perturbation Problem 3
Tzanko Donchev, Radostin Ivanov. On the Existence of Solutions of Differential Inclusions in Uniformly Convex Banach Space 13
Mortem Azez Mohammed. Queuing System in Special Transport Situation 25
T. F. Xie, S. P. Zhou. A Problem on Approximation by Euler Means 33
Georgi Chobanov, Ivan Chobanov. Rigid Motions in the Real Standard Vector Space 41
Barbara Zubik-Kowal. On First Order Partial Differential-Functional Inequalities 75
Mumtaz Ahmad Khan. On a Calculus for the Tk,q,x-Operator 83
D. Cirich, Z. Mijajlovich. Class Spaces 91
Shigeyoshi Owa. Generalizations of Certain Properties of Analytic Functions 99
Miodrag D. Rashkovich, Radoslav S. Dordevich. Second-Order Probability Logic 105

Vol. 6 (1992), Fasc. 2

Milosh Chanak. Hilbert's Boundary Value Problem for the Generalized Analytic Functions 109
Georgi N. Boshnakov. Innovations, Sufficient Statistics and Maximum Likelihood in ARMA Models 119
Zhikica Perovich. Relatively Complete 2-Extensions of Boolean Algebras 125
Aleksandar Jovanovich. A Note on Ultrafilter Selectivity 129
R. K. Saxena, V. S. Kiryakova. On a Relation between the Two-Dimensional H-Transforms in Terms of Erdelyi-Kober Operators 133
D. Paneva-Konovska. On the Zeros of a Class of Entire Functions Involving Bessel Functions 141
G. H. Kirov. A Generalization of the Bernstein Polynomials 147
Mumtaz Ahmad Khan. On Generalized Fractional q-Integrals 155
Cao Hui-Zhong. On Two Sums Related to the Prime Divisor Functions 165
Svetozar Margenov, Krassimir Georgiev. On Domain Decomposition Preconditioning of Plane Elasticity Problems 173
Josip E. Pecarich, Sanja Varoshanec. Some Remarks on Inequalities of L. Iliev 183
U. C De, N. Guha. On a Type of Sasakian Manifold 187
Mehmet Baran. Separation Properties at p for the Topological Categories of Reflexive Relation Spaces and Preordered Spaces 193

Vol. 6 (1992), Fasc. 3

Mumtaz Ahmad Khan. Transformations of Discrete Hypergeometric Functions 199
Boris Lavrich. On Ordered Topological Algebras 207
I. A. Khan. Comments on the Paper "A Generalization of Khan's Result Involving Kampe de Feriet's Double Hypergeometric Function of Superior Order" 214
Sever Silvestru Dragomir. On Hadamard's Inequalities for Convex Functions 215
Laura Burlando. Generalized Semi-Fredholm Operators That Belong to the Closure of the Group of Invertible Operators 223
Milko D. Takev. On Probable Error of the Monte Carlo Method for Numerical Integration 231
Todor Gjurov. Minimization of the Probable Error of the Monte Carlo Method for Solving of Nonlinear Integral Equation 237
M. Telchi, K. Tash. Some Fixed Point Theorems on an Arbitrary Metric Space 251
Konstantin Stathakopoulos. A Contribution to the Notation of Convexity. I (in German) 257
P. K. Pavlakos, I. G. Stratis. Some Remarks on the Periodicity of Solutions for Retarded and Partial Functional Differential Equations 263
S. M. Markov. Extended Interval Arithmetic Involving Infinite Intervals 269

Vol. 6 (1992), Fasc. 4

Mumtaz Ahmad Khan. Transformations of Generalized Fractional q-Integrals, I 305
Z. Kamont, K. Topolski. Mixed Problems for Quasilinear Hyperbolic Differential-Functional Systems 313
Plamen K Yalamov. Round-off Error Analysis of the Bordering Method 325
Miryana S. Hristova. On the Commutant of a General Linear Operator of Differentiation Type 333
Natasa Bozovich, Ivan Bozovich. Symmetrized Kronecker Squares of Irreducible Representations of Line Groups Isogonal to Cn and Cnv 341
Lilia N. Apostolova. Local Integrability of One Class of Systems of Smooth Complex Vector Fields 347
Ekrem Savaj. Some Sequence Spaces with an Index 353
Dimitar K. Dimitrov. Hermite Interpolation by Bivariate Continuous Super Splines 359
Ognian Kamenov. The Complex Asymptotic Solution for Nonlinear Wave Packs in Kuramoto-Siwaszinski's Equation 367
Dimitar P. Tsvetkov. Asymptotic Bifurcation in Systems for Control with Delay 375
K. C. Ray, Kahita Mukhopadhyay. On Certain Transformations of Measurable Sets in RN 383