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Vol. 19 (2005), Fasc. 1-2

Tsonka Baicheva, Iliya Bouyukliev, Stefan Dodunekov, Wolfgang Willems. Teaching Linear Codes 3
Veselka D. Boeva. A Modal Logic Framework for Dynamic Conflict Detection 17
Stefka Bouyuklieva, Radka Ruseva, Nikolay Yankov. Binary Self-Dual Codes Having an Automorphism of Order p2 25
Stefka Bouyuklieva, Zlatko Varbanov. Quasi-Symmetric 2-(37,9,8) Designs and Self Orthogonal Codes with Automorphisms of Order 5 33
Jia—ding Cao, Heiner Gonska, Daniela Kacso;. On the Impossibility of Certain Lower Estimates for Sequences of Linear Operators 39
Fehim Dedagic, Nermin Okicic;. On the £-Characteristic of Nonlinear Superposition Operators in lp,σ-Spaces 59
Dimiter Dobrev. A Definition of Artificial Intelligence 67
Matthias Gerdts. On the Convergence of Linearized Implicit Runge-Kutta Methods and their Use in Parameter Optimization 75
Snezhana G. Gocheva-Ilieva, Anna A. Malinova. Algorithm for Generating and Map-Coloring of a Special Type of Rectangular Diophantine Carpets 85
Gallina M. Illieva. A New Search Algorithm for Optimal Winner Determination in Combinatorial Auction 93
Ljubisa Kocic. On Visualization of Numbers 101
Ljubisa D.R. Kocinac. ?-Sets, Yk-Sets and Hyperspaces 109
Dimiter Stoichkov Kovachev. Discrete Functions with a Given Range and a Given C-Spectrum 119
Mikhail Krastanov. On the Small-Time Local Controllability 125
Plamen S. Mateev. A Model of Communication System via Random Walk over Simplex 133
Niki-Lina Matiadou, Anargyros Fellouris. AClassification of the Five-Dimensional Lie Superalgebras, over the Complex Numbers 143
Sanda Micula, G. Micula. On the Superconvergent Spline Collocation Methods for the Fredholm Integral Equations on Surfaces 155
Ekaterina Mihaylova, Stoyan Nedev. Metrization of Proximities 167
Marian Muresan. Controllability and Relaxation in Banach Spaces 175
M.D. Petkovic, P.S. Stanimirovic. Partitioning Method for Two-Variable Rational and Polynomial Matrices 185
Dragan M. Randjelovicc. Object Functions 1D Systolic Arrays 195
Dana Simian. A Remainder Formula for Hermite Multivariate Interpolation 203
Biljana Stamatovic, Sinisa Stamatovic. Mosaic Labyrinths and Uniform Structures 215
Andrei Vernescu. Some Aspects in Discrete Asymptotic Analysis 221
Vjacheslav A. Yurko. An Inverse Problem of Spectral Analysis for Differential Systems on the Half-Line 233

Vol. 19 (2005), Fasc. 3-4

W. M. Shah, A. Liman. On The Zeros of a Certain Class of Polynomials and Related Analytic Functions 245
Afgan Aslanov. Existence of the Minimum and Maximum of Two Self-Adjoint Operators 255
Alexander V. Evako. Properties of Digital n-Surfaces with Boundary 267
Aydm Altin. Plane Mechanism, and Dual Spatial Motions 279
A. Andreev, M. Nikoltjeva-Hedberg. Averaged Moduli of Smoothness and Runge-Kutta Methods 293
Terumasa Nihonyanagi, Kouei Sekigawa, Akira Yamada. Notes on 4-Dimensional Almost Hyperhermitian Manifolds 305
O. Axelsson, L. Laayouni, S. Margenov. Robust Multilevel Preconditioners for Second Order Elliptic Equations and Systems of Equations 321
Vassil S. Grozdanov, Stanislava S. Stoilova. The Inequality of Erdos-Turan-Koksma: Walsh and Haar Functions Over Finite Groups 349
Ivo M. Michailov. Some Groups of Orders 8 and 16 as Galois Groups over the p-Adic Number Field 367
A. B. Andreev, M. R. Racheva. Superconvergence of the Interpolated Quadratic Finite Elements on Triangular Meshes 385
Vanessa Bertoni, Dimitar K. Dimitrov. Generating Starlike and Convex Univalent Functions 405
Parviz Azimi. More Properties of A-H Banach Spaces 421
Kalcho Todorov, Ilinka Dimitrova. On Some Maximal Subsemigroups of the Symmetric Semigroup 427
Nikita Shekutkovski, Tatjana Atanasova - Pachemska. Uniform Ends 435
Margarita Spiridonova. Applied Computer Algebra Microenvironments 445