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Vol. 5 (1991), Fasc. 1

Nguen Xuan My. On Lindenmayer Systems and String Adjunct Schemes 3
Miodrag Rashkovich, Radosav Dordevich. Finite Compactness Theorem for Biprobability Logics 12
Boris Lavrich. Orthomorphisms on Riesz Spaces of Riesz Space-Valued Functions 15
Pando Gr. Georgiev. On the Residuality of the Set of Norms Having Mazur's Intersection Property 20
Dimiter P. Dryanov. Quadrature Formulae for Entire Functions with 2-Periodic Data 27
A. Kurusa. Translation Invariant Radon Transforms 40
Vasil G. Angelov. A Coincidence Theorem in Uniform Spaces and Applications 47
Mariana D. Beleva. Controlled Wiener Process by External Interventions Maximizing the Average Time until Reaching a Level 66
G. S. Lingappaiah. Distribution of the Ratio of Geometric Mean to Arithmetic Mean in a Sample from a Two-Piece Double Exponential Distribution 76

Vol. 5 (1991), Fasc. 2

Shi Mingquan. Some Results of the π-Semigroups 81
Miroslav Pavlovich. On the Complex Uniform Convexity of Quasi-Normed Spaces 92
S. M. Mazhar. Approximation by Positive Operators of Infinite Intervals 99
Cao Hui-Zhong. The Asymptotic Formulas Related to Exponents in Factoring Integers 105
Christian Jansson. Rigorous Sensitivity Analysis for Real Symmetric Matrices with Uncertain Data 109
D. P. Mishev. Oscillation of the Solutions of Neutral Type Hyperbolic Differential Equations 121
T. N. T. Goodman, A. Sharma. A Bernstein Type Operator on the Simplex 129
Fioravante Patrone, Julian Revalski. Characterizations of Tikhonov Well-Posedness for Preorders 146
Natasha Bozovic. On Some Properties of Universal Groups 156
I. D. Cherkasov. Transformation of a One-Dimensional Diffusion Process into a Wiener Process by Means of Random Change of Phase Space 162

Vol. 5 (1991), Fasc. 3

R. P. Ivanov. On Viable Solutions of Feedback Controlled System 177
V. I. Zhukovski, M. S. Radjef. Quasi-Movements and Their Properties (in French) 182
Shyam Kalla, Leda Galue, Virginia Kiryakova. Some Expansions Related to a Family on Generalized Radiation Integrals 190
Shi Mingquan. π1-Semigroup 203
I. M. Conte, I. I. Slavov. Well-Posedness of an Optimal Control Problem with a Singular Perturbation and Integral Constraints 212
E. M. Galeev. Bernstein Diameters for the Classes of Periodic Functions of Several Variables 229
Aristides Katavolos, Nikos Papanastassiou. Order Convergence in Operator Algebras 245
Ch. G. Massouros. Constructions of Hyperfields 250
D. S. Mitrinovich, J. E. Peckarich. On a Problem of Sendov Involving an Integral Inequality 258
Georgi I. Chobanov. Non-Zero Solutions for a Homogeneous Semilinear Elliptic Equation 261

Vol. 5 (1991), Fasc. 4

Sever S. Dragomir. Best Approximation in Linear Spaces Endowed with Subinner Product 271
Hoang Van Lai. Splines and Numerical Solutions with an Accuracy 0(h3) for a Hyperbolic Differential-Integral Equation 279
Husein Bor, M. Ali Sarigol. Absolute Summability Factors of Infinite Series 297
Zbigniew Olszak. On Conformally Flat Parakahlerian Manifolds 302
Georgi Chobanov, Ivan Chobanov. Affine and Rigid Motions in Complex Standard Vector Spaces 308
Michael I. Gil. Estimate for Norm of Solutions of Nonautonomous Equations in Hilbert Space 341
N. K. Ribar ska, Ts. Y. Tsachev, M. I. Krastanov. On the General Mountain Pass Principle of Ghoussoub-Preiss 350
Janusz J. Charatonik. Conditions Related to Selectibility 359
Zhen Wang, Ji Chen. Generalization of Ky Fan Inequality 373