Customs and Rites of the Regions of Uzbekistan
Guzal Khalikulova
pp. 89 - 98
Title: Customs and Rites of the Regions of Uzbekistan
Authors: Guzal Khalikulova

Abstract: The given article deals with the fact that in the Pskent and Buka districts of the Tashkent region there were unique rituals, people of these localities were engaged in handicraft, weaving, needlework, animal husbandry and they created ancient songs associated with these phenomena, various events were sung by folklore songs and they passed from generation to generation contributed to the familiarization of people to beauty.

Keywords: Customs, Tradition, National Songs, Culture, History, Region, Oral History

Received: 01-10-2019     Accepted: 01-12-2019     Published: 01-12-2019

Citation: Khalikulova, G. (2019). Customs and Rites of the Regions of Uzbekistan. Cultural and Historical Heritage: Preservation, Presentation, Digitalization (KIN Journal), 5(2), ISSN 2367-8038, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 89–98. DOI: