Sitan Kale Fortress - Bansko City
Dimitar Dobrevski, Rusana Goleva
pp. 50 - 59
Title: Sitan Kale Fortress - Bansko City
Authors: Dimitar Dobrevski, Rusana Goleva

Abstract: Located in the area Kalyata, only about 5 km. southwest of the resort town of Bansko, "Sitan Kale" (also known as "Kalyata", "Stana", "Satan Kale", "Sitan Kalesi") is a late ancient fortress, which is one of the largest fortresses discovered in this region. The fortress is late antique and according to experts it was built to guard the Razlog valley and more precisely the Roman road that passed through the valley of Mesta through Pirin and reached the valley of the river Struma. The first information about Sitan Calais came to us thanks to the Byzantine chronicler George Kedrin, who described it as a "remarkable city", which archaeologists say speaks of its great importance and the important role it played in protecting the "caravan route". The fortification is located in a strategic place, which allows for fast movement, wide surveillance and extremely good security. It is built on a hill surrounded by steep, inaccessible slopes and is in the shape of an irregular rectangle. The report analyzes the relationship between legends and folk songs with the latest archaeological discoveries and perspectives that are opening up for new research.

Keywords: Medieval Fortress, Folk Songs and Legends

Received: 01-04-2022     Accepted: 27-06-2022     Published: 30-06-2022

Citation: Dobrevski, D., Goleva, R. (2022). Sitan Kale Fortress - Bansko City. Cultural and Historical Heritage: Preservation, Presentation, Digitalization (KIN Journal), 8(1), ISSN 2367-8038, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 50–59. DOI: