Essence and Significance of the Christian Faith in the Modern World
Ivan Valkov
pp. 115 - 130
Title: Essence and Significance of the Christian Faith in the Modern World
Authors: Ivan Valkov

Abstract: The author offers a discursive analysis of the New Testament faith, based on the biblical definition of it (Heb. 11) and the realization in life of the Old Testament patriarch Abraham, a model of faith in the three monotheistic religions. The author's choice fell to Abraham because of the similarity in God's guidance to him in the Old Testament and to the images in the New Testament. This leads to theological conclusions about what the biblically based Christian faith should be today. In the theological-ethical analysis of the successive stages in the stepwise development of the faith, visualized in the author's diagram, the correct definition, meaning and influence of each stage in the real life of the modern Christian stand out. The theoretical aspect of the research uses methods of systematic theology, biblical hermeneutics, egzegetics, as well as scientific research on the concept of "faith" (Vl. Sveshnikov, K. Barth, Al. Men, Vl. Solovov, D. Kirov etc.). The practical aspect of the study is based on the spiritual experience of Abraham, the historical experience of the Church, as well as the personal experience of the author - theologian and clinical psychologist. This text aims to inspire Christians to overcome daily trials by boldly climbing the steps of faith, which also elevates Abraham to the true glory God has given him. God's promise is that trials will never exceed the power of the one who has ben tested.

Keywords: Faith, Christianity

Received: 01-11-2020     Accepted: 14-12-2020     Published: 14-12-2020

Citation: Valkov, I. (2020). Essence and Significance of the Christian Faith in the Modern World. Cultural and Historical Heritage: Preservation, Presentation, Digitalization (KIN Journal), 6(2), ISSN 2367-8038, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 115–130. DOI: