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Competitions in Mathematics and Informatics

  • INTRODUCTION: Mathematics and Informatics Competitions Scene in Bulgaria.

  • Preparation of the Extended National Team in Mathematics (in Bulgarian)

  • Study by Correspondence in Mathematics, 4th - 7th grades (in Bulgarian)

  • Combined Competition in Mathematics and Informatics: Tchernorizetz Hrabar (in Bulgarian)

  • Competitions in Mathematics:

  • Competitions in informatics:

  • Journals about Competitions in Mathematics and Informatics:

  • Other sites related to Competitions in Mathematics and Informatics.

  • Home Page of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics.

    The problems in Mathematics and Informatics on this WWW site are to be used by all interested in competitions. Please, do not hesitate to use them in any way you find appropriate. The only thing we would like to have is that you mentioned where the problems are taken from.
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